2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, an order from Abraham Lincoln that would bring an end to slavery in the United States.  To celebrate, Learn Our History has released the FREE DVD, America’s Founders and Fighters: Civil Rights. In this exciting episode, your children will join a group of time-traveling history students in their quest to understand the entire civil rights movement. 

Your kids will be proud of America as they learn the little-known story of how black and white soldiers teamed up together to defeat the British in the American Revolution. And they‘ll love learning about the Underground Railroad that protected thousands from slavery! Your kids will also witness heroic efforts of civil rights leaders, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., while learning how Rosa Parks and other everyday citizens fought for civil rights across America!

This inspiring story is yours FREE when you try Learn Our History. And along with your FREE DVD, you’ll also get 5 FREE Bonus gifts, including 4 downloadable learning guides and FREE, instant online streaming of America‘s Founders and Fighters: Civil Rights from any internet connected device! It’s all FREE when you try Learn Our History!  You just pay $3.95 shipping & handling to receive your FREE DVD!

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